S. J. Yun
Sr. Director, Digital Strategy

SJ Yun brings sharp analytical skills and an array of digital/content marketing expertise to Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty’s team of real estate professionals. Tasked with sharing the vision and brand story of one of the most distinguished luxury real estate firms throughout Long Island and Queens, SJ has his creative hand in all aspects of the company’s digital marketing initiatives; from the development of overall strategies to managing its day-to-day marketing operations.

When leading any initiative, whether it’s a complex advertising campaign conveyed over multiple marketing channels, or a brief video highlighting a property, SJ focuses on telling a good story, the key element for getting successful results. Sharing a compelling story that inspires both the mind and emotions and ultimately wins the client’s attention is something that his agents at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty are intimately aware of as he makes sure to train them on all the latest concepts, tools, and technologies for their own success.

Confidence and trust are high among Daniel Gale’s executive team in SJ’s instinctive abilities to grasp the cultural and industry trends and bring to life new and innovative approaches for capturing the attention of the right audience of buyers and sellers, and for good reason. Ever hard at work at what he loves, SJ has been formally recognized in digital marketing categories across multiple industries. He has won awards in finance marketing two years in a row; one in several areas including a “best category” for digital advertising, and another for a non-commercial video he produced. Always one to tie in data to assess a campaign’s progress, SJ has led several digital marketing initiatives to successful conclusions, including generating one million page views for a healthcare blog in less than a year and tripling the traffic and subscription growth for a global finance publisher. He’s also held pivotal marketing roles with a few other well-known Fortune 500 conglomerates like NBC Universal, WWE, and Verizon Wireless before making his way to real estate, and has also dabbled in some heavy video production and commercial operations for the 2006 Torino and 2008 Beijing Olympics.

To keep himself steady on the creative path at work, SJ devotes a great deal of time to playing with his kids and indulging in his prior lifetime passions of music and film. Attending LaGuardia High School, the same school of Music, Art, and Performing Arts that inspired the movie, Fame, SJ originally had a desire to become a musician and write film scores. While he made a slight detour into media studies, he still enjoys the occasional music jam and is an avid collector of movies. He also loves to poke fun at his wife’s interior design choices, and he’s on a mission to find the “perfect” slice of pizza.


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