Attending an open house is an exciting opportunity for prospective buyers to explore a property and envision it as their potential future home. While it's natural to be enthusiastic about the house-hunting process, it's important for buyers to maintain proper etiquette during open houses. In this blog, we'll provide essential tips for buyers to ensure they make a positive impression and navigate open houses with courtesy and professionalism. Let's dive in!

Respect the Scheduled Time

Open houses have specific timeframes set by the listing agent, so be mindful of arriving and departing within the designated hours. Arriving early or staying late may disrupt the flow of the event and inconvenience the host or other attendees. Plan your visit accordingly to make the most of the allocated time without overstaying your welcome.

Remove Shoes or Wear Shoe Covers

Upon entering an open house, be mindful of the seller's preferences and adhere to any instructions regarding footwear. In some cases, sellers may request that shoes be removed or that shoe covers be worn to protect the flooring. Respect these requests and follow the provided guidelines to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the property.

Sign in and Provide Contact Information

Listing agents often request visitors to sign in and provide their contact information upon arrival. This practice allows the agent to keep track of attendance and follow up with potential buyers. Respectfully provide your name and contact information, understanding that it's a standard part of the open house process.

Limit Personal Conversations

While it's natural to discuss the property with your partner or family members during an open house, be mindful of the volume and content of your conversations. Avoid loud or distracting discussions that could disturb other attendees or the host. Keep personal opinions and criticisms discreet and save detailed questions for the listing agent.

Avoid Excessive Phone Usage

Be present and engaged during the open house by minimizing phone usage. While taking photos or notes to reference later is acceptable, avoid prolonged phone conversations or excessive texting, as it may distract from your ability to fully experience and evaluate the property. Demonstrating attentiveness sends a positive message to the host and listing agent.

Ask Permission for Photography

Before taking any photographs or videos of the property, seek permission from the listing agent or host. Some sellers may have specific policies regarding photography, while others may require advanced notice. Respect their guidelines and privacy concerns to maintain a professional and courteous demeanor.

Follow the Flow and Wait Your Turn

During busy open houses, it's common for multiple groups of buyers to explore the property simultaneously. Respect the flow and wait your turn to access specific areas or rooms. Be patient and allow other visitors to finish their observations before moving through the space. This approach ensures a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Provide Feedback through the Listing Agent

After the open house, if you're interested in the property, provide feedback through the listing agent. Share your impressions, observations, and any questions you may have. Constructive feedback can help the seller and listing agent better understand buyer preferences and adjust their marketing strategies if needed.


Attending an open house is an important part of the home-buying process, and maintaining proper etiquette is crucial. By respecting the scheduled time, removing shoes or using shoe covers, signing in, limiting personal conversations, minimizing phone usage, seeking permission for photography, following the flow, and providing feedback through the listing agent, buyers can make a positive impression and contribute to a successful open house experience for all parties involved. Remember, open houses are an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and genuine interest in the property.