Sheri Friedman

Real Estate Salesperson
Sheri Friedman, Real Estate Salesperson

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Real estate professional Sheri Friedman combines her 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in New York City’s competitive and fast-paced design and fashion industry with her down-to-earth sensibilities that come with raising a family on Long Island’s North Shore, bringing a perfect balance of sharp skills and an empathetic mindset to her work with residential buyers and sellers. Her focus with clients is on communication, listening, and providing a level of service that gives rise to successful real estate deals. From her years working in fashion, Sheri learned that excellent service is first and foremost the kind that makes the client happy in the end. Highly self-motivated and with her signature direct and forthright approach, Sheri manages all aspects of the real estate process for her clients so they can have a relatively stress-free and informed experience. A resident of Roslyn since 2006 and actively involved in her son’s activities, as well as supporting various…

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  • Real Estate Salesperson

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