Saul Retig

Associate Real Estate Broker
Saul Retig, Associate Real Estate Broker

About Saul

Saul is a native of Brooklyn who never strayed far from his roots. Growing up in the era when Brooklyn was considered the World, he has been privileged, since 1988, to being an active participant in its renaissance. From Bushwick to Bay Ridge, Saul has the uncanny sense of knowing where the next resurgence is going to be. If a buyer wants to take advantage of a reemerging neighborhood, or just needs the reassurance of an established one, he can take you through its history and inform you where he expects it to go. He has been there already. 

Saul is a specialist in residential sales, as well as commercial and investment property, and is not afraid to look out of the box for property for his customers. He recently closed on a 112 Unit property he found for one of his investor/developers in Kansas City Kansas. 

A graduate of Brooklyn Collage with a B.A in Sociology, Saul lives with his wife Paula in Brooklyn Heights. An avid bicycle rider his whole life, he enjoys riding…

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  • Associate Real Estate Broker

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