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Roque Alvarez, Associate Real Estate Broker

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Upon arriving in Boston from NYC in the early 70's, Roque secured a position in City Hall as Health Consumer Advocate. A year later he was appointed Assistant Commissioner for Public Health. Around 1977 Roque moved back to NYC and was introduced to the world of real estate by working as a commercial and residential building inspector for liability insurance in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Roque partnered with a friend who had rented a West Side apartment that was going co-op, grasping the opportunity to turn $2,000 into almost 6 figures. Then, with this down payment on his future, he found an under-utilized part of Central Park, negotiated with the NYC Park's Commissioner, founded and managed Citiskates for 2 years and then sold the business. This experience led Roque to a scholarship in theater management for 2 years. After graduation he worked as theater manager for an off-Broadway ensemble company by night and as Program Analyst for the New York State Council on the…

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