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My name is Linda Giordano. I live on Long Island and consider myself to be lucky to live on one of the most beautiful islands there is. I love that less than a half hour away from almost any point, I can be sitting in front of a gorgeous body of water or at a beautiful park. If I drive East, I get the view of the Long Island farms, and at the end of the island my favorite place in the world, the legendary Montauk. There is no place like Montauk to me. I love a weekend drive to Montauk, its pure paradise.

I also like the fact that if you want great shopping, small community theatres, quaint towns you are also not more than a few minutes away. Growing up, I remember watching my neighbors and parents work on their homes and yards. That’s when I realized that pride in ownership is a major part of this beautiful island, on which we live. I think the way that communities come together on Long Island is like no other, always here for each other.

Probably one of my favorite…

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  • Associate Real Estate Broker

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