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John, one of our newest sales agents, is certainly not new to the real estate market. Having run a successful business for 37 years, he has extensive sales and management experience. John has also been personally involved in many real estate transactions. Having grown up on Long Island and always seeking a profitable real estate deal, John has a sharp eye for good investments. Not only has he found properties most would describe as “hidden gems” on the island, but he also goes further by taking these properties and transforming them into highly sought-after real estate.

John has always valued family having raised 5 children and has been married to his wife for 28 years.  John values the Long Island lifestyle and appreciates the small things that turn an area into a community. Further, as an avid fisherman, he has had boats on both the north and south shore of the island and is familiar with many of the valuable and highly sought-after waterfront areas.

John is an avid…

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  • Real Estate Salesperson

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