About Jacqulene

Jacqulene Mitrani, an accomplished real estate professional, boasts an impressive fusion of sales acumen and managerial expertise, with a results-oriented mindset and an enduring passion for Long Island’s real estate panorama. Specializing in the North and South Shore regions, Jacqulene is deeply committed to meticulously guiding her clients on a tailored journey towards realizing their dream of home ownership, carefully considering their distinct life stages and financial landscapes.

Jacqulene can proudly attest to facilitating the sale of over 30 homes and an array of rental properties in the coveted Hamptons locale. This hands-on experience has furnished her with a competitive edge, ensuring that her clients receive nothing short of the finest experience, tailored to their unique real estate objectives.

In her formative years, Jacqulene was profoundly influenced by her grandfather, a skilled carpenter based in the East End of Long Island. His profound wisdom in the art of home construction, spanning from the genesis of architectural blueprints to the meticulous culmination of each project, ignited an unwavering passion within her for the real estate industry. Further shaping her destiny in real estate was the impactful role of her mother, a reputable real estate broker and attorney representing a distinguished International Real Estate Brokerage on the South Shore. This familial connection solidified the path Jacqulene was destined to follow, a path marked by dedication and excellence.

As a lifelong resident of the East End, Jacqulene possesses an intimate and unparalleled understanding of the local real estate landscape. This innate knowledge is complemented by her valuable affiliation with the expansive global referral network of Sotheby’s International Realty, empowering her to seamlessly provide clients with an unparalleled and remarkable real estate experience.

Every transaction under her purview is meticulously designed to meet your distinctive needs and aspirations. Whether you are buying or selling, Jacqulene Mitrani is the dedicated professional who will lead you towards your real estate goals with unwavering dedication, expertise, and a personalized touch that ensures a remarkable and seamless experience.

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Real Estate Salesperson
  • Associate Real Estate Broker

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