Bryan McMillen

Glen Head/Old Brookville Office Sales Manager

About Bryan

I just love living on the north shore of Long Island. To me, it's the greatest place on earth; it's beautiful, unique and indescribably special to me. I was born in Locust Valley, went to school locally (awesome public and private choices here), moved around the country for a few years after college (shout out to my NYC and L.A. friends) but returned when it was time to settle down. My wife is not a local (a story for another time) but has embraced the area and discovered (for us both) an array of amenities for us, our family and friends to enjoy – beaches, parks, libraries, community events and things like that. We're close to New York City, the East End, the Long Island Sound, the amazing ocean beaches (much closer than you think!) Nothing's missing. It's really great living here! There are too many unique towns and villages to describe here – but we visit every single one for one reason or another. The villages and hamlets have done a great job of preserving their individual histories (I'm a former history teacher so I am drawn to that stuff) going back to the days of the settlers, whalers, land barons, Gilded Age Gold Coasters and the Greatest Generation. Being a part of selling these properties, their history and their community is really enjoyable – gotta love anecdotal history! And goodness knows I love being a tour guide (or docent!) – it's a blast; telling folks about the lifestyle, the hidden secrets from the nuances in commuting strategies to waterfront dining and the best places to boat, bike ride or play golf (truly avid golfer here). Side note: if you enjoy golf, you likely know that this place is an absolute golf mecca – so move here quick! In terms of real estate… it's simple; my goal is to help you make informed real estate decisions. Yes, I've got the tools, resources and experience (I'm a top producer for many years now and thankful as can be for that) but it all boils down to the joy of living here – that's what makes my "job" so easy, satisfying and fun. So, if you want to have a few laughs along the real estate ride, here I am – happy to help and proud and pleased to be a Long Islander! .

Awards & Accomplishments

  • Associate Real Estate Broker
  • Sales Manager of the Glen Head/Old Brookville Office
  • Member of National Association of Realtors
  • Member of Long Island Board of Realtors

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